Trinity TCard

Creating an identity for an electronic payment system would usually summon up a corporate style. For TCard, as it is mainly aimed at students, we chose to focus on making it friendly. Beginning with the TCard Roundel and through to all the deliverables, including the on-screen experience when topping up, the style is approachable, recognisable and consistent.

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Book of Kells

It is one of Irelands greatest cultural treasures and as such, The Book of Kells is highly respected and highly guarded on many fronts, for its security, safety and wellbeing. We play our part by providing a clean, clear and consistent communication, to allow the many visitors to understand its importance and the context in which the Book is being displayed within the unique environs of the Old Library in Trinity College.

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Dr. Hauschka

In Ireland, Dr. Hauschka has had a presence in select retail outlets for many years. In 2010 there was a change in its Irish distributor ownership and Geometry was asked to provide a range of creative and design services to support it’s marketing efforts. Later, we were also asked to provide creative and design services for Dr. Hauschka in the UK after the repositioning of its business there.

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Just Chicken

The name kind of sums it up, along with a range of sides and drinks, there is no mystery around the main offering. With such an obvious name one would need to employ a clear and visible attitude to give this brand its personality, in this case, it was direct, a bit cheeky but fun.

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Leo Burdock

Leo Burdock is an ongoing client who has entrusted us with the design management of their ongoing marketing material, including POS, livery, signage, in-store graphics, menus and promotions. We have also developed mobile loyalty APP for IOS and Android as a way to help keep the brand at the forefront of digital media, this is also tied in with ongoing management of their website and social media.

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Pizza Yard

A Pizza stretching over one or two yards in one piece. The idea of this took a few minutes to get our heads around. Once the idea of multiple toppings and creating a food sharing experience for family and friends took hold, it was a case of when can we go.

We took cues for the branding from the proposed restaurant design. This was going to be a contemporary dining space aimed at accommodating a wide range of customers. It was to have a familiar feel but not casual, with sophisticated styling while also being welcoming. We believe this was achieved on all fronts.

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Gamut Magazine

Anybody can take a photo. But not everybody can take a great photograph. Sometimes it is about a lot of waiting or being in the right place at the right or wrong time. Creating, making or capturing a profound, exciting or stylish image with the help of a lens is not always a rewarding experience.

But, when the magic is captured, you want to shout from the rooftops and tell your friends, or if possible, just share it with the world. This, in a nutshell, is what gamut is, a digital platform aimed at showcasing Irish & International photography. Our job was to create an identity and add style to a platform that showcases bits of magic.

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