Our Process

An exciting and worthwhile investment, your new website will expand the footprint of your business by bringing it to a wider audience, unhampered by location or limited hours.

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As it is with most projects, there is a ‘Pre’ element. This is the first contact, introductions are made, costs supplied, terms approved and agreed, deposit is paid, and initial website details are discussed.

We outline the scope of the website build If you choose to integrate third party vendors on your site such as flip-dish, Mailchimp, or specific WP Plugins, etc, they may charge a one off or monthly fee, this is outside the scope of the website build cost.

Once everything is agreed and roughly mapped out, we rev up the engines and get into production mode with the 4D’s, our 4-stage process.


There are several steps involved to get from A-Z to enable us to deliver your new website quickly, so we have collated these into a 4-stage process, namely, Discover, Define, Design and Deliver.

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We need to get to know your objectives and goals for the site and become familiar with your business landscape, we’ll ask a series of questions to help define the website’s purposes, identify good visual benchmark examples (if any) and capture your initial text and image for the website.

You can provide a word or google doc with the text for your new site. Need help with your writing? Hire a copywriter or we can do it inhouse for a fee.

All of this information will be gathered with our easy to use onboarding form, which will help us capture all that you require. Once we have this information, we can define the scope of the project and set timelines.

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Before we make inroad on the visual elements, we set out to get an overview of how the site is laid out and constructed. With the aid of a sitemap to identify pages and their hierarchy, this will form the blueprint for the visual structure to identify the layout of content and functional and decorative elements. This will also define the user journey.

With a structure in place we can begin the process of the site visual design.

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Firstly, we establish the assets that will be used to create the site, i.e. Fonts, typographic styles, colour palette, graphic style, photographic style, product styling and presentation. This will shape and creatively present the content that give meaning to the site, usually text and brand assets are created or supplied by the client.

With the site layout defined we initially create the homepage design; this will inform how the remainder of the website will be styled and items presented. Once this is approved, we move into site wide design, at all times conferring with the client at each main area is completed.

The design and development portions are the most involved stages, so it will take some time to create, implement, fine-tune and present for final approval.

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The end is nigh, and we’re getting ready to launch!

At the final stages we run quality assurance and testing to clear any potential visual and functional problems of the project on all the latest browsers and devices. We also check the speed and implement security, caching and SEO.

The website will be built in WordPress using a user-friendly CMS (content management system) interface, allowing the client to manage their content. Some training may be needed here, but this will be part of the handover process.

Once the final balance payment is made, we point the real domain name to your new site and like magic, your new web site is live!