We have listed training content in order of what may be a useful format, i.e., Logging into and accessing WordPress, using Elementor to edit and manage content and finally working with WooCommerce to manage your online store settings and content.

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What you'll learn

Welcome to your training resource page. Now that your website is live, we really hope it lives up to your expectations and business needs. With this in mind we know, that over time, some of the current content may need to be edited, changed or added to.

To help you become familiar with the platforms and services your website is built with and to perform basic tasks needed to allow you to self-manage and edit your website; Geometry have assembled many useful videos here to guide you in how to properly use access the areas you need to perform the required tasks.

All videos presented have been produced by the developers of the platforms and services used by your website. Most of these are no more than a few minutes long, and provide the information you will need in a direct, easy to understand format.

For peace of mind, you will have unlimited access to this page and the training material presented.

Logging into wordpress

Using your supplied login credentials, simply enter the following text /wp-admin to the end of your URL to login to your WordPress Website. For example

WordPress Login page


Edit your page with elementor

After logging into WordPress navigate to the Pages section > then hover over the page your wish to edit and you will see the Edit in Elementor link, click this to edit your webpage.

Edit a page on your website


Content Editing with Elementor

If you wish to edit content on your WordPress site, you can using Elementor for content editing. Take a look at the introductory video below and soon you'll the master of your own content.
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Getting Started with Elementor

Lesson one

Lesson Two

Lesson three

Lesson four

Lesson five

WooCommerce Training Videos

With WooCommerce, you essentially managing your shop online. Just as with any brick and mortar businesses, there are a number of things that need to be considered and setup to guarantee a smooth running of operations. Some of the options and functions presented may have been already been set up during website construction, however it will be worthwhile to become familiar with the settings in-case you need to update at a later time.
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General Settings

Products Settings

Creating Products

Product Categories, Tags, & Attributes

Tax Settings

Tax Example

Shipping Zones

Flat Rate Shipping

Local Pickup

Free Shipping

Shipping Options

Shipping Classes

Checkout Settings


Check Payments

Cash on Delivery

PayPal Standard


Account Settings

Email Settings

Managing Orders

Refunding Orders




System Status

Help Tab

API Settings